Get to know us

We are an independent tech consulting company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We believe in empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age through innovative technology solutions and expert guidance.

We are particularly passionate about partnering with under-represented industries, bringing fresh perspectives and cutting-edge technology to sectors that have traditionally been overlooked.

people walking near concrete buildings
people walking near concrete buildings

Our Values


We are here for everyone and ensure every voice is heard. We deeply care about our customers and their ideas.


We believe a consulting firm must be honest and have strong moral principles to grow and help people.


We want to achieve the best not only for our customers but also for our people ensuring they grow as we do.

Our team

For each project we work on, we bring together different people under the Semafind name. The teams we recommend are dynamic and adapt to your needs.

Credit: Thomas Angus - Imperial College London



After completing a MEng in Software Engineering with a centenary award at Imperial College London, Nuri has pursued a PhD in neuro-symbolic reasoning. During his PhD, he researched methods to combine neural networks with logic inspired reasoning procedures and worked as a Research Scientist Intern at Deepmind. His passion for knowledge and reasoning combined with his experience in engineering and research have eventually led to the inception of Semafind.