State-of-the-art natural language understanding applied to your private team knowledge to make it accessible.

Organise and discover your knowledge

Collaborate with your team to store your knowledge in bitesize chunks that are easy to read and share. Semafind knowledge bases are intended to be short factual sentences (knotes) and are indexed using natural language models. Each piece knowledge can be extended with further descriptions and attachments.

Smart by design

Semantic Search

Semantic search is the ability to find information based on what it means as opposed to matching keywords (keyword search). The knotes platform comes integrated with semantic search so you can start using state-of-the-art models right away.

Semantic Explore

Discover relevant information using neural network based semantic indexing with ease. Dive into the unknown unknowns of your company's knowledge base to find links between different pieces of information written by different people.

We can help

We specialise in helping clients unlock the potential of cutting-edge AI technologies like vector search, retrieval augmented generation (RAG), and machine learning. Whether you're looking to build a powerful semantic search engine, enhance your chatbot with accurate and contextually relevant responses, or develop custom AI models to gain valuable insights from your data, our team of experts is here to guide you.